Smart ventilated and bonded structural glazing window

Product presented during Batimat with 1 motorised tilt window and opaque Onyx photovoltaic glazing panel

A new generation of windows

WICLINE 115 AFS is smart ventilated, autonomous window with blinds. The WICLINE 115 AFS is equipped with a special electronic control and communication board which gives it a veritable “building connected device” status.


It uses the EnOcean® protocol, it is capable of communicating and interacting with the majority of Building Technical Management (BTM) systems.

Adaptable system

Smart Window evo system can easely be personalised according to needs:

  • Blinds for light control
  • Opening sash for ventilation
  • Sash opening and closing sensor for security

Like a frame façade unit the fabrication of the window and the integration of the Smart Window evo are performed on the workshop. The module is then simply installed and connected in plug and play mode on site.

Opaque Onyx photovoltaic glazing panel

Incomparable design

WICLINE 115 AFS window design has ben particularly worked to present a smooth frame:

  • Drainage, hardware, beads and box are concealed
  • Symmetry of the visible structures between the fixed frame and the opening sash

The Bonded Exterior Glazing (VEC) adds an elegant and architectural dimension which is appreciated for façades.

Technical characteristics:

  • Made with Hydro CIRCAL 75R recycled aluminum profiles
  • Cradle to Cradle Silver Certification
  • Maximum sash dimensions: L 1400 mm x H 2500 mm
  • Infill thickness:

- Opening = up to 50 mm

- Fix field = up to 100 mm

  • A fully integrated and motorized blind
  • Independent-opening service sash
  • Bottom fixed light: Opaque Onyx photovoltaic glazing panel


  • Thermal:

- Uw = 1.2 W/(m²K) with Ug = 1.1 W/(m²K)

- Uw = 1.0 W/(m²K) with Ug = 0.7 W/(m²K)

  • Air (NF EN 12207) - Water (NF EN 12208) - Wind (NF EN 12210): Class 4 – E1200 – C5
  • Acoustic: Rw = 50 (-1 ; -4) dB

Intended market:

  • Health
  • Offices
  • Tertiary

Project solution

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